promotional video for your business ONLINE VIDEO PRODUCTION & MARKETING – Did you know that your web page is 57 times more likely to be on Google page 1 in a web search if your site has video?  That’s right – video helps you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  There’s also no better way to connect with your client –  to relate to your client – than with the use of video.  People do business with someone they feel they have a connection with. Have you ever watched TV interviews or a movie and felt a connection with the actors?  This is the psychology involved in video and how it helps you build rapport with your prospects.

Dream Catcher Creative Media is your one-stop shop for all of your online video needs; we create promotional videos, information videos and video blogging (vlogging), all of which help your site with  Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have extensive experience with information product videos, feature-length videos or high volume, short-length marketing video blasts.

We help you every step of the way with video strategies, keyword phrases and descriptions – everything you need to get your videos posted in the right places in front of the right prospects – giving you powerful marketing results!  We’re also privy to a new video technology called  “Online Behavioral Advertising,”  which is undoubtedly the most targeted form of advertising online today.  If a picture is worth a thousand words… what are 1000’s of pictures worth?


You're awesome!GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION & CORPORATE BRANDING – We can help you with all of your marketing needs beyond just video.  Need a new logo?  Looking for kick-butt design and print ads for your business?  Need entertaining images/cartoons to spruce up your presentations or give your company a personalized and custom look?

Look no further!  Dream Catcher Creative Media Inc. has got you covered.  With almost 20 years in the advertising business doing graphic design and photo manipulation, we will have your brochures, posters and business card graphics looking high-quality and amazing.  We also have experience in professional illustration with children’s books as well as conventional book covers and design.

Te design you see at your left was custom created for the Viber corporation and the Anti-bullying organization called ABLE: Anti-Bullying-Leadership-Experience.

We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, article creation, graphics, branding and more – we’ve got you covered for all of your online marketing needs! Call us today at 403-607-1903 and get a free consultation today!